Welcome to Project Science

Project Science enables you to deliver more effectively by providing a competitive data science-driven capability; we:

  • apply leading edge data science, to
  • liberate the value from your data, both structured and unstructured, to
  • generate actionable insights that
  • reduce your costs and risks and
  • provide certainty on complex project and programme delivery.

We know that today’s projects and programmes are highly complex, with substantial uncertainty and risk.

We work with you to reduce risk and volatility in your projects, programmes and portfolios - from funding applications, through to the largest programmes of high technology work.

Visualising complex data in 3D

To do this, we design and deliver change, exploiting the latest artificial intelligence (AI, machine learning) and cloud-enabled technologies to find the best way forward no matter what the challenges.

We use data to help you deliver your projects, programmes and portfolios at every step along the way, from qualification, sales, through delivery and support.

Work with us, and you will be delighted at the difference we make. Become a data-driven digital business.

How we work

We love the big, fast-moving challenges, where we can help you by fusing our expertise in data science and analytics with project and programme delivery and portfolio optimisation.

Our combination of technology and delivery know-how provides you with distinct competitive advantage.

We can advise you on delivery, data strategy, business intelligence, digital benchmarking, data platforms, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, within a project and programme delivery context.

A Knowledge Graph we developed through Process Mining A Knowledge Graph developed by Project Science using process mining, a data analytics technique that yields valuable insights, and part of our data science capability

We collaborate with your teams either on-site or remote-working, through an outcome-based delivery model. This ensures you get the value and benefits you need while with a clear understanding of the cost.

To understand how we can help you, read our case studies and the services we offer.

We publish a range of articles on insights and thought leadership. Read about us and get in touch.