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Project Science can develop and deliver training packages into your organisation and clients. We have base training packages we can tailor for your organisation, and can develop custom training packages upon request.

Sharing knowledge in advanced data analytics

Sharing knowledge in advanced data analytics

Some feedback we’ve received for our training:

“I thought this event was absolutely outstanding. It was the most thought-provoking APM event I have ever been to, and completely relevant to the times we live in.”

“James has a natural talent at presenting and distilling complex issues”

“Was anticipating a lecture on EVM, but it was refreshing to cover a very broad spectrum of data analysis that covered several industries and encouraged thinking around use in our own workplace.”

“Brilliant presentation by James Lea - looking forward to further meetups.”

“His presentation and the way he answered questions afterwards were coherent, succinct and had focus on his overall point and the ability to answer a straight question with a straight answer.”