Data is at the heart of our work. Working with a wide range of structured and unstructured data sources, we transform data into insight.

Effective data provides insights into portfolio performance. At a programme and project level, it helps us forecast outcomes, vital to the effective mobilisation of capital. With the right data, risks can be managed and opportunities seized. Surprises are avoided, and long-range predictions become possible.

A Knowledge Graph we developed through Process Mining

A Knowledge Graph we developed through Process Mining

As part of our work in data strategy Project Science is skilled at integrating data into planning, delivery and continuous improvement. We work at all stages of the business lifecycle and the engineering production lifecycle. We can assist you and your clients with building an understanding of the art of the possible, and then developing those solutions using cloud infrastructure.

We can help you move your organisation through these stages:

  • descriptive analytics - where the past is documented, but forms little input to the future
  • predictive analytics - the future is informed by the past (a learning system), and a range of options become apparent
  • prescriptive analytics - a future path is chosen, and the systems we enable prescribe the actions required to achieve this future - real-time

Prescriptive analytics is where the most exciting gains are to be had.

There’s enormous untapped potential in most organisations. We can help you realise that potential, generate additional margin and delight your customers and shareholders.